If you're looking for an Electrician in Oshawa or the surrounding area, we can help. Below is just a sample of the types of work that we do.

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Barrett Electric installs Hot tubs in Oshawa, Whitby and Ajax.
Pool/Hot Tub
Basement Renovations Oshawa

Barrett Electric Inc. can provide a free quote for modifying or adding wiring to your home or business. We will provide you with a written quote, detailing all work to be preformed.

Barrett Electric is a Oshawa Electrician
Panel/Service upgrade

Panel upgrade

There are many hazards associated with old fuse panels. I have encountered many homes where the homeowner has installed overrated fusing and allowed the potential for a fire hazard.


Advantages to upgrading to breaker panel:


  • No more needing to keep spare fuses around

  • Ease at restoring power due to an overload or short circuit (no more needing to examine the fuse element through a small window or use a tester on a cartridge type fuse)

  • Possibility of splitting up circuits that have been doubled up in fuse panel

  • Creates a cleaner more modern appearance to your home

  • Allows you to install whole home surge protection that is highly recommended with the amount of todays home electronics

  • Allows you to add additional circuits in the future

  • Gives a higher resale value and quicker resale



 Service upgrade

If your home was built before 1960 you may only have a 60 amp service. With todays high demand for electricity, it is highly recommended to upgrade to 100 or 200 amp service. This will give you more ampacity for the needs of today and the future.


Pool and hot tubs have specific code rules associated with them. Always have a Licensed Electrician that’s insured and registered with ECRA to connect your pool or hot tub.

If you’re planning to renovate your basement, whether it be for an extra bedroom or a new home theater room. It’s important to hire a Licensed Electrical contractor to be sure the existing and new wiring is up to code.

Aluminum Wire Oshawa
Aluminum Wire

If your house was built or renovated in the late 60’s to early 70’s there is a good chance it contains aluminum wire.

Aluminum wire was used as a cheaper alternative to copper. It wasn’t until after many homes had been wired with aluminum, that it was realized to create fire hazards at the connection points.
Barrett Electric Inc. can provide a quote to replace connections and devices that are compatible with aluminum wire. We will also supply a letter to your insurance company.

Aluminum Wire Oshawa
Pot Lights

Adding pot lights can brighten up any room and give it a modern appearance.

Barrett Electric Inc. can install energy efficient LED pot lights throughout your home.

Barrett Electric | Oshawa Electrician
Knob and Tube

If your home was built before 1940, there is a good chance it may still have knob and tube wire. Due to the fact that the wire is in excess of 70 years, the wire insulation has become dry and brittle. This is usually most evident at light fixtures where excessive heat and time has caused the insulation to fall off.
While the original electricians that installed this wiring took great care. It’s all the alterations and additions over the past 70 years by electricians, handymen and homeowners that has created hidden fire and shock hazards.
The only answer to knob and tube is to completely replace. This can be a very disruptive job and should be arranged to be done during major renovations or before redecorating. If purchasing a new home allow a week after closing before moving in to complete the installation and plaster repair.

Electric Vehicle Charger install
EV Charging Station

Barrett Electric can install your Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station and provide all the necessary documentation to qualify for your Ontario Governments Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program.