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Knob and Tube wiring

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Knob and Tube wiring has been around for a long time!...Actually it's been too long. If you consider how we use electricity now compared to 100 years ago, the demands that we put on the electrical system are far greater than the electricians from the early 1900's could have ever imagined.

Insurance companies are being extremely diligent at getting homeowners to remove the Knob and Tube wiring. They are refusing to insure new homeowners and are giving existing customers 30 days to have it removed by a licensed electrical contractor.

It can be a considerable expense to remove the knob and tube wiring, but you are making an investment in your home and your safety. When it comes time to sell your house, you will be able to sell your home much quicker if you have a letter from your contractor and The Electrical Safety Authority stating that all the Knob and Tube wiring has been removed.

If you suspect your home may have Knob and Tube wiring, Barrett Electric Inc. in Oshawa can give you a free estimate to update your home.

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