• James Barrett

DIY Home Wiring

I have seen a lot of DIY wiring in my 20 years of being in the electrical trade. It always makes me wonder how some people can do something like what you see in this picture. Installing a switch right in the shower! Surely we all know that water and electricity don't mix!

I get very concerned when I'm walking through Home Depot and a home owner is asking the guy that works there about how to do some electrical job. The guy tries to be helpful but there are a lot of unknowns about the job that the homeowner is about tackle.

Compare the cost of hiring a qualified Electrical Contractor to the risk associated to trying to do a job yourself. You would be further ahead having a qualified Electrical Contractor doing the job.

You have too much at stake to risk your safety, your family's safety and your personal property.

Next time you have an electrical project around the house, consider hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor in your area.

If you are looking for an Electrician in Oshawa, contact James at Barrett Electric Inc.

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